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Zero Carbon Luton is a not-for-proft agency committed to tracking
and supporting climate change action in Luton.

Get involved

What can you recycle?

Can we raise Luton’s recycling rates? Look up what you can put in your bin.

Youth Climate Conference

Check out the closing video from this year’s conference.

Visit a little green library

Want to read up on green issues? Find free books at one of our little libraries.

Engines off for cleaner air

Share your views on engine idling to inform the new council campaign.

Garden the town

Visit – or volunteer – at one of Luton’s vibrant community gardens.

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Our monthly Zero Carbon Luton newsletter is an essential read for anyone with an interest in climate action in Luton.

What’s happening?

There are lots of good things happening in Luton already, and we’re going to be tracking them and highlighting progress made on key environmental measures.

Tell us about your project

We want to champion the best of what’s happening in Luton. What are you up to? Tree planting? Reducing single use plastics? Running an eco-school? Let us know about it and we’ll feature it in the next edition of the newsletter.

The issues

Luton faces particular challenges around air pollution and car dependence.