Zero Carbon Luton is a not-for-profit, community based agency supporting climate action in Luton. We are focused on solutions and practical actions, seeking to be a positive voice for change within the area.

We are ambitious for Luton, and our vision is for a town with clean transport, better homes, quality green spaces, and a community facing the generational challenge of climate change with confidence and determination.

Zero Carbon Luton is incubated within Youth Network.

Communications – tracking progress toward zero carbon, challenging inaction and celebrating success.

Education – raising climate literacy and local expertise across all sectors, so that we can all play our part.

Youth – creating employment opportunities for young people and preparing them for green jobs.

Networking – forming alliances, building community around climate change and a cleaner, greener Luton.

Economy – encouraging green jobs and low carbon industry in Luton, and transition away from high carbon industry.

Environment – supporting green initiatives in Luton beyond climate change – biodiversity, waste, etc.

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