The wild future of Bradgers Hill

Conservation volunteer Nivan Hammond on why Bradgers Hill Wilder Futures is important for the site and the community.

Bradger’s hill is a distinctive area, both in terms of its place in the memories of local people as well as its status as a classic area of chalk grassland. When I was younger, it was regular for groups or schools to use the hill and the John Dony Field Centre for education purposes. Young people would get to know about and care for this gem in their community.

The John Dony experience has long since halted, although the road signs to its former location remain. As such, it is at risk of becoming a hill that people take for granted, unaware of the history or the ecosystems found there. I believe this can be changed, with environmental issues being brought to the front page of newspapers or TV screens, now is the time. It’s so important that those people in the community know about the unique area of natural beauty and the species that live within it.

The Wilder Futures project is an important beginning. Drawing people’s attention to this site, getting them to interact and learn from those who are passionate about it will inspire people of all ages to get involved and begin to care more for the green spaces around them. Led by a team who are knowledgeable in their field and working with the Friends of Bradger’s Hill, I’m personally excited to see this site brought back to life.

This is not only good for the future of site, but also brings the community together through exploring, learning and shared experiences.

For more information please visit: Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs & Northants, Friends of Bradgers Hill, or look them up on Facebook. You can also contact Noreen Iqbal on


Published by Jeremy Williams

Jeremy is an author and activist based in Luton. He writes serious books for adults, less serious books for children. His blog, The Earthbound Report, has been recognised as the best green blog in the UK by Vuelio and the UK Blog Awards.

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