Application submitted for airport growth

The formal application process for Luton’s airport expansion has begun, with documents filed with the Planning Inspectorate at the end of February. This confirms the plan to grow the airport from the current cap of 18 million passengers a year to 32 million. A new terminal will be built to accomodate these numbers. As aContinue reading “Application submitted for airport growth”

Private jet protests at Luton Airport

Extinction Rebellion activists blockaded entrances to Luton Airport’s private jet terminal on Valentine’s Day as part of a coordinated international protest against private planes. The protestors towed a sailing boat across the entrance to Harrods Aviation and Signature, demanding a ban to private jets and a tax on frequent flyers. Among the protestors was formerContinue reading “Private jet protests at Luton Airport”

An invitation from XR Luton

Climate protest group Extinction Rebellion (XR) have announced a change of tactics for 2022. On the 1st of January the national leadership issued a ‘new year’s resolution‘ to “temporarily shift away from public disruption as a primary tactic.” Road blocks and disruptive stunts will be put to one side for this year, with a focusContinue reading “An invitation from XR Luton”

Last chance to feed back on net zero plans

There’s one week left to have your say on Luton Council’s draft net zero plan. It’s your opportunity to review the roadmap and make your suggestions – and few things are going to be more important to the future of the town. The consultation is for residents, businesses and anyone who would like to participate.Continue reading “Last chance to feed back on net zero plans”

Luton station discussed in Parliament

Rachel Hopkins, MP for Luton South, secured a Parliamentary debate on Luton Station this week. It was an opportunity to directly challenge the Transport Secretary, Huw Merriman. Luton residents will need no reminder about the problem. Despite 3.5 million journeys via the station in 2019-2020, it is decrepit and out-dated, and inaccessible to the disabledContinue reading “Luton station discussed in Parliament”

Airport protest targets private planes

Protestors have targeted private aviation at Luton Airport as part of a coordinated day of action around the world. A small group of Extinction Rebellion members blocked entrances to Harrods Aviation, holding signs saying ‘ban private jets’ and ‘tax frequent flyers’. Similar protests were held elsewhere in the UK and at airports in Berlin, Amsterdam,Continue reading “Airport protest targets private planes”

The Mall harvests its first honey

In 2021 The Mall installed a beehive on the roof, swiftly followed by a second one and a pollinator garden. In September this year they extracted their first honey harvest and sold it to shoppers, raising £680 for Luton Foodbank. Two members of staff have volunteered as trainee beekeepers, who removed 30 frames from theContinue reading “The Mall harvests its first honey”

Where to save energy: cooking

Reducing our energy use is good for the climate, and it’s also good for household budgets – a double win of lower bills and lower carbon. We recently looked at the appliances that use the most energy around the home. Let’s zoom in on something specific this time: cooking. How we cook makes a bigContinue reading “Where to save energy: cooking”