How many electric cars are there in Luton?

I recently read a report that Luton Council has secured funding to provide 165 more electric car charging points around the town by 2025. In response to this, one online commenter wondered if this was money well spent, asking how many electric cars (EVs) there were in Luton anyway? In some ways the question missesContinue reading “How many electric cars are there in Luton?”

Luton station discussed in Parliament

Rachel Hopkins, MP for Luton South, secured a Parliamentary debate on Luton Station this week. It was an opportunity to directly challenge the Transport Secretary, Huw Merriman. Luton residents will need no reminder about the problem. Despite 3.5 million journeys via the station in 2019-2020, it is decrepit and out-dated, and inaccessible to the disabledContinue reading “Luton station discussed in Parliament”

Cycling made E-asy pilot project

Luton has been selected as one of five pilot locations for a new electric bike scheme. Cycling Made E-asy is a government funded scheme run by the Cycling UK agency. It provides free loans of electric bikes, offering people an opportunity to try out a variety of different types – including cargo bikes, folding bikes,Continue reading “Cycling made E-asy pilot project”