A roadmap to a zero carbon town

A zero carbon Luton will take all of us – citizens, council, businesses, organisations, schools and more. But what do we need to do? How are we going to do it? Luton Council have revealed the first details of a new ‘roadmap’ for how Luton will get to net zero carbon by 2040. Having setContinue reading “A roadmap to a zero carbon town”


Cheaper solar with Solar Together Bedfordshire

At a time when electricity costs are rising, having your own solar panels is looking more appealing with every bill through the letterbox. Solar can be expensive though, and so here’s some good news for those who have been pondering the pros and cons: Registrations are now open for the group-buying scheme Solar Together, runningContinue reading “Cheaper solar with Solar Together Bedfordshire”

Could you be Luton’s climate champion?

As part of its Easy Being Green campaign, Luton Council is hosting a competition to find the town’s climate change champion. The council wants to hear examples of people who are reducing their carbon footprints, and who would be willing to share their story. Using images and video, you’d be sharing your experienced of howContinue reading “Could you be Luton’s climate champion?”

A quiet revolution in street lighting

With bills rising dramatically, there’s been a lot of interest in ways to save energy recently. Replacing old light bulbs with LEDs is a common piece of advice. But what if you could do that with a whole town? That would be quite a saving. Luton has in fact just done that. Over the lastContinue reading “A quiet revolution in street lighting”

Councils awarded scorecards for their climate plans

Climate Emergency UK has graded every council in Britain on their climate action plans, and produced a ranking. They can be viewed at councilclimatescorecards.uk Councils receiving top marks include Manchester, Solihull and Edinburgh, which all scored over 80%. The average score across the 409 UK councils was 43%. Luton’s climate action plan scored just 19%,Continue reading “Councils awarded scorecards for their climate plans”