Where to save energy: cooking

Reducing our energy use is good for the climate, and it’s also good for household budgets – a double win of lower bills and lower carbon. We recently looked at the appliances that use the most energy around the home. Let’s zoom in on something specific this time: cooking. How we cook makes a bigContinue reading “Where to save energy: cooking”

Where to save energy: appliances

As price rises drive people to look for ways to save energy, it pays to know which appliances use the most power. If you know what’s most expensive to run, you know what to switch off! This chart from Bloomberg is a neat visual summary of how much it costs to use various appliances, inContinue reading “Where to save energy: appliances”

Factcheck: Luton’s efficient homes

Luton often appears in lists compiled by PR companies hoping for a bit of news attention. Their methodology can often be highly suspect, giving entirely false representations of the town. I recently came across two rather different perspectives on the efficiency of Luton’s homes. This survey had Luton at number five, as one of theContinue reading “Factcheck: Luton’s efficient homes”

A quiet revolution in street lighting

With bills rising dramatically, there‚Äôs been a lot of interest in ways to save energy recently. Replacing old light bulbs with LEDs is a common piece of advice. But what if you could do that with a whole town? That would be quite a saving. Luton has in fact just done that. Over the lastContinue reading “A quiet revolution in street lighting”