Green controlled growth at Luton airport?

Luton Rising are proposing a new approach to sustainability concerns around expanding the airport. Called Green Controlled Growth, the aim is to set fixed limits for a variety of environmental harms. Any expansion of the airport has to fit within those boundaries, or it can’t happen. Here’s the video introducting the idea: As Luton RisingContinue reading “Green controlled growth at Luton airport?”

Protests at airport expansion plans

While the consultation on Luton airport’s expansion plans is ongoing, a number of groups have made their opposition clear. High profile opponents include Bim Afolami, Conservative MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, who has launched a petition against the expansion. There is no mention of climate change in Afolami’s petition, which objects to the “detrimental impactContinue reading “Protests at airport expansion plans”

Latest consultation opens on Luton airport expansion plans

Luton Rising, the owner of Luton Airport, has begun a new round of consultation on airport expansion plans. The latest round incorporates changes and suggestions drawn from the last set of consultation events held in 2019. As before, the consultations will be seeking the views of local people around the area as the airport seeksContinue reading “Latest consultation opens on Luton airport expansion plans”