Private jet protests at Luton Airport

Extinction Rebellion activists blockaded entrances to Luton Airport’s private jet terminal on Valentine’s Day as part of a coordinated international protest against private planes. The protestors towed a sailing boat across the entrance to Harrods Aviation and Signature, demanding a ban to private jets and a tax on frequent flyers. Among the protestors was formerContinue reading “Private jet protests at Luton Airport”

An invitation from XR Luton

Climate protest group Extinction Rebellion (XR) have announced a change of tactics for 2022. On the 1st of January the national leadership issued a ‘new year’s resolution‘ to “temporarily shift away from public disruption as a primary tactic.” Road blocks and disruptive stunts will be put to one side for this year, with a focusContinue reading “An invitation from XR Luton”

Airport protest targets private planes

Protestors have targeted private aviation at Luton Airport as part of a coordinated day of action around the world. A small group of Extinction Rebellion members blocked entrances to Harrods Aviation, holding signs saying ‘ban private jets’ and ‘tax frequent flyers’. Similar protests were held elsewhere in the UK and at airports in Berlin, Amsterdam,Continue reading “Airport protest targets private planes”

 XR’s Carnival for Life to visit Luton

Extinction Rebellion are touring a ‘Carnival for Life’ around the East of England, and will be bringing their “big, bold, colourful and beautiful” celebration to Luton on Friday the 22nd of July. The carnival will start at Manor Road Park at 3pm and proceed towards George Street and the town hall, where there will beContinue reading ” XR’s Carnival for Life to visit Luton”

Luton climate activist jailed for Insulate Britain protest

An activist from Luton is among five climate protestors to receive prison sentences for their actions with Insulate Britain. El Litten, a programmer aged 35, was summoned to the High Court along with 19 other Insulate Britain protestors on February 1st. When the court was due to return for the afternoon session, Litten and threeContinue reading “Luton climate activist jailed for Insulate Britain protest”